Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adventure: Fishing

So today was the first time I went fishing at a lake. I'd say this trip was a little overdue. My friends and I took the boat to Harris Lake for bass fishing. Sure, we didn't catch anything today but I was able to take something back with me. Fishing on this lake is a bit different than other lakes. How so? This lake is named after the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant, which happens to be sitting right off the shore. When you travel through the woods and emerge at the bank, you are first hit by the amazing view of the sparkling water that seems to stretch forever. Then, in the background you see it--the very large cooling tower for the plant. I think what overwhelmed me today was the fact that such a large entity, a symbol of our modern technology, was situated in such a serene and seemingly untouched surrounding.

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