Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Wolf and the Raven

On swift wings the Raven flies
soaring through darkness;
its wings carry it in the night.
The lone Wolf skulking through the woods,
seeking out its fate.
The Moon shining a silver gleam upon the Earth,
illuminating their paths,
following each others scent,
drawn by the aroma of the night.
The Raven diving through the canopy of the woods;
The Wolf hearing the movement of the trees.
The Raven floats to the forest floor.
Stopping, the Wolf glances up,
their eyes staring into each others souls.
The body of the winged death disintegrating,
its shape reforming into that of a man.
Walking over to the Wolf,
he places his hand upon its head.
The Wolf, staring into twin skies,
the man, lost in the creature's brown eyes.
The Wolf's body reshapes,
the eyes unchanging.
A woman kneeling at his feet.
Running his fingers through her hair,
their gaze uninterrupted by the world around them.
Grabbing her hands--pulling her to her feet,
bringing her closer to him,
bringing him closer to her.
Their lips touch,
feeling each other's energy.
Two bodies dancing under the stars,
the night the only witness to their love.

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