Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Wolf and the Raven

On swift wings the Raven flies
soaring through darkness;
its wings carry it in the night.
The lone Wolf skulking through the woods,
seeking out its fate.
The Moon shining a silver gleam upon the Earth,
illuminating their paths,
following each others scent,
drawn by the aroma of the night.
The Raven diving through the canopy of the woods;
The Wolf hearing the movement of the trees.
The Raven floats to the forest floor.
Stopping, the Wolf glances up,
their eyes staring into each others souls.
The body of the winged death disintegrating,
its shape reforming into that of a man.
Walking over to the Wolf,
he places his hand upon its head.
The Wolf, staring into twin skies,
the man, lost in the creature's brown eyes.
The Wolf's body reshapes,
the eyes unchanging.
A woman kneeling at his feet.
Running his fingers through her hair,
their gaze uninterrupted by the world around them.
Grabbing her hands--pulling her to her feet,
bringing her closer to him,
bringing him closer to her.
Their lips touch,
feeling each other's energy.
Two bodies dancing under the stars,
the night the only witness to their love.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Into Oblivion

You secluded me,
Blinding me so I couldn't see
Anything but your hate.
You played with me,
Covering my mouth
So I couldn't breathe.
Cutting me,
Just to watch me bleed.
You laughed at me,
Letting my tears slide down
Into oblivion

*This was a poem my friend Sam and I worked on back in high school (only a few minor changes have been made)*

The Tempest

The storm approaches quickly
Rain suddenly falls down upon her
Thunder growls through heightened clouds
Lightning reaches across darkened sky
Flashes running through her mind
Chasing after memories
Echoes of childhood laughter
Remind her she is alone
She looks up in the sky
A stranger to her new world
Thousands of miles away
From a home she's left behind
Forgotten from the past
Living in the shadow of others
Still, no one knows her name

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poetry Anyone?

Naked Trees

Mother Earth has stripped the trees.
They shiver and huddle together.
Their summer garments thrown
to the ground
as children laugh and play
building hills
of their tattered garments.
What once was bright--
reds, yellows, and greens,
is now torn and rotting.
The cold, stiff ground
will take these back,
salvaging what is left
of their summer glory.
For the trees that survive
Jack Frost's bitter winter
Mother Earth will be kind
and weave them new garments
for spring.

This was a poem I wrote about 2 years ago. I've tweaked it a bit since then and thought I would add it on here because it reminds me of the cold weather we've been having lately.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's Begin!

I've been trying to find the real me for a long time now. I had a lot of goals I set out to achieve way back in high school (almost 6 years now); I've made some of them, but have been disappointed by the ones I have yet to make. The one goal that I haven't made was set a decade ago--live your life as a writer. Easier said than done for me. Once I set out on my own and started working that 9-5 job while also attending college full time, I unfortunately pushed that goal aside, and I am paying for that procrastination now. While a lot of my friends have finished school and are in the careers they set out for, I'm still floating through those aspirations I once was passionate about. Well I'm not going to make excuses anymore!

Let me make the first step in reaching that, that dream I have been striving for all these years. I hope this blog will break the ice on my writer's block and open new doors for my creative development. I have so many ideas for my works and I hope anyone who reads this will enjoy all I can offer. This blog doesn't really have a theme but who says creative writing needs boundaries anyway?