Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's Begin!

I've been trying to find the real me for a long time now. I had a lot of goals I set out to achieve way back in high school (almost 6 years now); I've made some of them, but have been disappointed by the ones I have yet to make. The one goal that I haven't made was set a decade ago--live your life as a writer. Easier said than done for me. Once I set out on my own and started working that 9-5 job while also attending college full time, I unfortunately pushed that goal aside, and I am paying for that procrastination now. While a lot of my friends have finished school and are in the careers they set out for, I'm still floating through those aspirations I once was passionate about. Well I'm not going to make excuses anymore!

Let me make the first step in reaching that goal...no, that dream I have been striving for all these years. I hope this blog will break the ice on my writer's block and open new doors for my creative development. I have so many ideas for my works and I hope anyone who reads this will enjoy all I can offer. This blog doesn't really have a theme but who says creative writing needs boundaries anyway?

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  1. Well it's about time. Welcome home, when all else fells just post it here. You can always think of something to say about yourself, your day, what annoyed you, what made you happy, why you're disappointed or uncontrolably giddy. I'm proud to call myself your first reader.....and if a certain someone got to read this before me, just don't tell me so I can feel good about it. :)